Attendance Rules

1.  All students must be present in the school, by 11.35 p.m. before the commencement of the school in school uniform and attend prayer meeting.  No student will be allowed to enter the school earlier than ten minutes before the prayer.

2.  Students will strictly adhere to the instruction on attendance issued by order of the school authorities from time to time.

3.  No late coming is allowed.  A student having more than three late coming in a month, will be sent back.

4.  Student should come to school in neat / tidy prescribed uniform, failing which they may be fined or sent back.

5.  No student shall leave the school premises during the working hour without the permission of the class teacher.  No student shall remain in school premises after the closure of the school without any valid reason.

6.  Pupil are expected to be present on the opening day after the vacation and on the closing day of each term.

7.  Any damage to School’s property will have to be made good by those responsible for the damage or by their parents / guardians.  The decision of the school authorities shall be final and binding on them.

8.  A student shall not be absent from the school without obtaining permission.  Specific reason must be given by the parents / guardians for the absence.  The name of the student, who remains absent for more than a fortnight, without permission, will be struck off from the roll and as a rule he/she shall not be re-admitted.

9.  Pupils who are very irregular in attendance and/or of indisciplined character are liable to be removed from school, giving Leaving Certificate compulsorily.

10. Speaking in English is compulsory within the school premises.  Those who break the rule are liable to be punished / fined.