Principles of Discipline for Pupils

(Extract from S. S. Code Section VIII, Chapter II)

Head of School shall see that the principles of discipline are properly observed.

1. Regularity and implicit obedience should be insisted upon.

2. Politeness and courtesy of speech and conduct as well as cleanliness of dress and person should be inculcated.

3. Pupils should realize that they are responsible to the school authorities not only for their conduct in the school, but also for their general behaviour outside.  Any reported or observed objectionable conduct out of the school on the part of the pupils should be make them liable for disciplinary action.

4. A pupil who fails consecutively twice in the same standard is liable to be asked to leave the school.

5. Parents or Guardians are given to understand that they cannot dictate to the management and that the management have a right to say on what conditions they will admit or retain pupils in their school provided such conditions are in conformity with the provisions in the S. S. Code and the instructions issued by the appropriate authorities from time to time.

6. Pupils shall not take part in any political activities.

7. Any pupil who is persistently insubordinate or is repeatedly or willfully Mischievious or is guilty of gross malpractices in connection with examinations or has committed an act of serious indiscipline and/or misbehavior, or who, in the opinion of the Head of the School, has an unwholesome influence on his fellow pupils, may be expelled permanently or removed from the school from specified period by the Head of the school.

8. The students are not allowed to bring the electronic gadgets such as MOBILE, COMPACT DISC(CD), PENDRIVES, etc., and huge amount of Cash and any other valuable items.

9. The students should not indulge in any activity in the school premises that will tarnish the image and reputation of the institution.

10. The students should not involve in any formation of groups/activities leading to indiscipline in the school premises.

11. The Pupils should not bring Two Wheeler Vehicles in the school, till they complete the Age of 18 years.  Underage students should not drive the two wheeler vehicles.