Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q1)  At which age or class does Sri Vani Vidyashala High School admit children?

A) Our youngest children are admitted to Junior Kindergarten (Jr.KG). They are between 4 and 5 years old.Admissions to all other classes depend on vacancy due to transfers.  These are not planned admissions and we don't know if there will be a vacancy.


Q2)  When does the school admit children to Junior KG?

A) The admission process for Jr KG for the following academic year (commencing in June) starts in the first week of January. Admissions are conducted in the first fortnight of January. We give preference to siblings of children already in school (siblings does NOT include cousins).


Q3) How old should the child be for admission to Junior KG?

A) A child seeking admission to Jr. KG must have completed less than 4 years as on 1st of October of the academic year for which admission is sought . 


Q4) Can I not get a concession in age if my child is just a few days/months younger than minimum age for admission to Junior KG?(Minimum, by definition, means that below that age the child will not be admitted.) 

A)If you hurry you will be hurting your child rather than helping her or him.  You child will continuously struggle in a class where many of the other children are six to eight months (or even a year) older, with better-developed motor skills, better communication skills and greater physical & emotional development.Remember, this is a 25% difference in development!   You will be much better off postponing admission to the next year and giving your child one more year of care at home.


Q5) What is the policy for admissions to higher classes?

A)  Admissions for the academic year, which begins in June, the process will start after the declaration of results subject to vacancies.  Much as we would like to, we cannot accommodate all who apply.  Please inquire at the School Office by the end of April for specific information.


Answers to Other Frequently Asked Questions :-


Q6)  What is the focus and educational philosophy of the school?

A)Our curriculum seeks to achieve all-round growth rather than just training children to appear for examinations. They can't get away from exams!  Our job is to develop the complete personality of the child and teach them skills which will help them as they grow up.We have a team of staff members who are qualified and trained and do NOT go about the business of teaching glumly!


Q7)  Do you have a school bus for transporting the children to and from the school?

A)  No, we do not offer any bus services and you have to make your own arrangement to drop and pick up children from the school.  

Q8)  Where is the school located?  

A)The school is located Opp. KDMC “B” Ward Office, Barave Road, Khadakpada, Kalyan. which is about a 15 minute drive from Kalyan Station. 


Q9) Why did you locate the school so far from the city?

A)It's not really far.  Children travel much further (at least much longer) to reach city schools.We wanted to give children the open spaces that they need to grow strong and healthy.  How else can we ensure that children breathe clean, unpolluted air for at least 8 hours every day!


Q10)  Are there any residential areas relatively close to the new location?

A)The Khadakpada area is witnessing construction of residential complexes at a rapid pace.  Hence, availability of residential accommodation near the school should not be a concern. A large number of children reside in and around the school.


Q11) What arrangements does the school offer for meals?

A)We do not serve any meals in school. The Students should bring home cooked hygene foods, which should have the required nutrition.


Q12) What arrangements does the school offer for games and sports?  

A) We give a great deal of importance to games and sports for all children.  We have Trained Teachers/sports teachers as our staff to train for sports, etc. as well as specialist activities such as yoga and skating. Excursions will be a voluntary activity for all children.  We make sure that these are educative and fun!

It is important that children participate in inter school events at the city, state & national levels. The school will encourage and take efforts to help such children maintain their academic standards. Participation in all the co-curricular activities and physical activities is compulsory and children are expected to perform well in all the spheres of  their education at Sri Vani Vidyashala High school, specifically arts, physical fitness and academics.

We expect parents and children to understand this aspect of education and co-operate withthe school in building a wholesome future for their children.


Q13)  How much homework will the child have to do on an average day?

A)The child should do their homework regularly . They are required to read and discuss a topic done in class with their parents.  The should not only do the homework, but we would like a child to also read a storybook and spend quality time with the parents!  


Q14)  Would a child be required to learn Marathi or are there alternatives?

A)We start teaching Hindi in Std I and Marathi in Std II.  The teaching is informal through conversation and poems. 


Q15)  What is the school fee?

A)  Please inquire at the school office for more details.


Q16)  Can the admission form be filled online?

A)Yes, admission forms for Jr. KG are available online. In fact, they are only available online.


Q17)  I think I have a few more questions, which have not been covered here.  How can I get answers to those?

A)Please send us an e-mail at  and we will respond to you. If you have a particular query which you feel that the office may not be able to respond then you can address that to the Asst. Head Mistress.