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Let's understand about Jr KG and admissions through a question-answer session.

Where is JR KG ?

Jr KG classrooms are located in the same building as Sr KG classes.

What are the school timings for Jr KG?

The children get in to school at 8:00 a.m.  They leave for home at 11:30 pm.

Should the child be able to speak and understand English?

Not really. Some children do and some do not. Our teachers can converse with them in Hindi, Marathi and English. But it helps if there is some English spoken at home because our education is mostly in English.

We heard that you have some peculiar age restrictions for admission?

  • Not peculiar. Normal.

This age criterion is a guideline for us and for the admission committee. 

Many parents will come and tell us how their child is very, very bright. And therefore be admitted to school despite being a few months underage.  We may nod our head and pretend - but we may not really be listening to you.

Does the location of my residence affect admission?

Yes, it does.  We want children from the neighborhood. Who can commute to & fro with minimum stress. School for kindergarten ends at 11:30. It is not correct that the child should be traveling a long way at that time. The child should be reaching home quickly, having lunch and taking a nap.People living in other areas should not apply. We may ask for proof of residence before confirming admission.

So is the school not going to admit any children from other areas?

Logically, we have to give preference to children from the neighborhood. The next preference are areas from where the children can commute easily. Even in senior classes, children staying far are unable to participate in games, activities and extra studies or classes. That is to their disadvantage as well as a disadvantage to the school. Therefore, we will restrict our admission to the areas mentioned above.