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Let's understand about Jr KG and admissions through a question-answer session.

Where is JR KG ?

Jr KG classrooms are located in the same building as Sr KG classes.

What are the school timings for Jr KG?

The children get in to school at 8:15 a.m.  They leave for home at 11:30 pm.

Breakfast! Does the school provide breakfast?

NO, it does not.
Every day you have to send some fruit in a tiffin box. No exceptions - all five days. 
Childrens should start their day with eating fruit. A little later they should eat the Lunch. 

That's sounds like a lot of eating, doesn't it? So don't stuff your child with food early in the morning before leaving home. And be careful about giving the child milk just before traveling in a bus. Some children can't take it - milk to milk-shake!!

What is the teacher-student ratio?

We will admit about 50 to 55 children to this class. 
Each class has one class teacher (and no assistant teachers). There are Maushi s to help all the children of kindergarten.

So YOU figure out what is the student-teacher ratio!

You mentioned school bus. Tell me more.

We do not run school buses. ALL children should come to school on their own to the school. It is the responsibility of the Parents to send the ward to the school by making their own travel arrangement.


What does the school look for while admitting a child to Junior KG?

We look for a happy, bubbly, confident, enthusiastic child. The child should have developed "normally" - mentally and physically.The child will love to colour and draw (not necessarily know the names of colours), love animals and birds, sing a bit, recite a bit, attack a puzzle.

The child loves to play and is friendly with other children, can balance and jump and run.
The child can talk and listen and follow simple instructions.
The child has NOT been stuffed with reading and writing the alphabet (we will teach those by and by, months later).
The child is toilet trained. Sort of, the Parent has to daily send one set of dry clothes in the bag of the Student. If the child is toilet strained, then our Maushis will clean the child and change them to the new clothes provided by the parents. If the clothes are not provided then the teachers will call you and you have to pickup your child from the school.
Most of all, she or he is looking forward to coming to school - any school.
Like we said - developed "normally"!


Should the child be able to speak and understand English?

Not really. Some children do and some do not. Our teachers can converse with them in Hindi, Marathi and English. But it helps if there is some English spoken at home because our education is mostly in English.


What else can I do to prepare my child for admission?

Actually you parents need to relax. There is very little you can do at the last moment.

If you have been loving your child and spending time with the child regularly,
if you have been playing with the child every day and taking the child to the local park or garden 
if you have been giving your child opportunities to mix with other children and play with them, 
if you have been sitting down and telling stories to your child and asking 'thinking' questions,
if you have been talking to your child and listening and encouraging the child,
if you have been teaching poems and songs, 
if you have been encouraging your child to draw and colour,
if you have been teaching the child to eat without fuss,
if you have not been encouraging tantrums,
if you have modified your daily schedule to meet the child's needs (rather than the child adapting to your schedules)
If you have been providing a happy, loving and joyous home environment
If you are doing all these then you have been doing nearly most of the things required to bring up a child "normally".
'W H E W  !!!!!!'
Beyond these we can't really think of what you could be doing to prepare your child for Junior KG

"I must, I must get my child in to Sri Vani Vidyashala High School. My child's future depends upon it"

You need to relax and not let your anxieties be conveyed to the child. That will not help.
We are just a kindergarten. Three and a half hours a day. That is all. 
Plus, we are a little far from home. Ideally a child should be in a kindergarten close to home. That is best for the child.
Stop worrying about the FUTURE schooling of the child. A majority of the parents coming to Sri Vani Vidyashala High School are not even certain that they will be in Kalyan for the next two years. So what is the point of getting all stressed out about Jr KG admissions? 
We have to regret the rest. That is the reality. 
Getting an admission is nice. But not getting admission is NOT a disaster. Be 'cool' and work on PLAN B.
We can guaranty that if you get over anxious then your child will be terrified. That spoils the chances of admission.

We heard that you have some peculiar age restrictions for admission?

  • Not peculiar. Normal.
  • we have been listening to educationists and child-specialists,
  • we have been referring to systems in good institutions in India and abroad
  • we are guided by the Supreme Court of India.

This age criterion is a guideline for us and for the admission committee. 

Many parents will come and tell us how their child is very, very bright. And therefore be admitted to school despite being a few months underage.  We may nod our head and pretend - but we may not really be listening to you.

My child has already gone to nursery. If you don't give admission then she/he will lose a year !!

This is the most usual statement we hear and our reaction is always the same:  Lose!! Lose where? That is a very inappropriate word. And completely wrong.
Your child will do better throughout life if you do not hurry. Let the child mature normally. can be taught to read and write. But physical and emotional maturity only comes with age.
This is a problem in many parts of India - some of it caused by schools and some because of impatient parents, worried and anxious about getting their child into a good school.
Sri Vani Vidyashala High School is trying to stick to all the good practices. If enough good schools accept the Supreme Court guidelines then this problem of underage schooling will be curbed.

Does the location of my residence affect admission?

Yes it does. 
We want children from the neighbourhood. Who can commute to & fro with minimum stress.
School for kindergarten ends at 11:30. It is not correct that the child should be traveling a long way at that time. The child should be getting home quickly, having lunch and taking a nap.
People living in other areas should not apply. We may ask for proof of residence before confirming admission.

So is the school not going to admit any children from other areas?

Logically, we have to give preference to children from the neighbourhood. The next preference are areas from where the children can commute easily. Even in senior classes, children staying far are unable to participate in games, activities and extra studies or classes. That is to their disadvantage as well as a disadvantage to the school.Therefore, we will restrict our admission to the areas mentioned above.