General Details


We are a co-ed school, affiliated to the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education, Mumbai Divisional Board.  For more information about the boards please visit their respective websites.

We run classes from Pre-Primary (Jr KG) to Std 10.



Our last batch of students graduated in March 2016 with 100% graduation results.  
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Our school program balances traditional and innovative methods.  It provides each child the opportunity to develop intellectual curiosity, attain academic excellence and grow in self-reliance.  The School and parents share a commitment to recognise and develop each child's uniqueness, moral character and social awareness.
We believe that parent involvement is essential to the child's success and the success of the school as a community.  A number of parents regularly contribute their time and effort to support some of the student activities.



Sri  Vani  Vidyashala  High  School  is  a  very  open  school.   Parents  are welcome to come and talk with us on any issue that is of  concern them or to make suggestions and contribute ideas.  We believe that every problem is solvable given time and inclination.  The first critical step is to keep the channels of communication always open.  The Parent/Guardinan can visit the school on Saturday between 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.



Games, Physical Education, and Co-curricular activities like Sketing, are all part of the school curriculum and conducted within the school working hours.  A number of children come for extra hours of games on weekdays & Saturdays.
It is our desire to see students involved in a lot of activities before and after school hours.  We strongly encourage and support their participation.



It is compulsory for children to eat at the school.  We recommend children to eat a variety of foods, to finish the food on their lunch  box and learn the correct etiquette.  This is an intrinsic part of education and growing up.
Food, energy levels, blood-sugar levels and strength are significant to a child's ability to play and learn. Most parents are unable to provide the wholesome, fresh food that children need during school hours. Hence we advise the parents that they should provide to their child home made nutritious foods only.



From the year 2016, we have introduced Audio Visual Programmes for the Jr. K. G and Sr. K. G childrens, complete syllabus is being taught to them this helps them and inturn helps the teachers when they actually take the portion  in  the  class.  Audio  Visual  is  now  being  taught  from  Jr. K. G. to Std. X.