After Admission



The Admission Fee, has to be paid within three days of intimation of admission.
The above amounts have to be paid in cash on a specified date

School Fee for Jr KG includes 

  • Admission Fees
  • Tuition
  • Exam
  • Term I & II
  • D. G
  • Audio Visual
  • Misc.


Tuition Fee



 Jr. KG        

 Term 1

Rs. 8,400*

 Term 2

Rs. 4,900*



 Total Per Year

 Rs. 13300*

(*) – Subject to change

School fees increase by about 15% every two years or as decided by the School Management after approval in the School PTA meeting to compensate for cost escalations, However PTA is not applicable to Jr. & Sr. K.G. students.

Payment of Fee

There are two terms in the school year.  Minimum school fee payable is for one term.  There are no prorated, reduced or refunded amounts for the term tuition fee.
A child who joins the school late or leaves in the middle of the school year is required the pay the fee for the entire month.
Tuition fees are collected in 2 installments over the school year.  The schedule is outlined below.


Tuition Fee                                        

  • Term 1:  1st Installment      June  
  • Term 1:  2nd Installment    September


  • Cancellation of admission prior to June 1 of the academic year:  We will retain fully the Admission Fee. Balance money will be refunded.

  • Withdrawal on or after June 1 of the academic year:  All the Fee till you withdraw, will be charged till that month i.e. if you withdraw your child in August, then we will deduct fees for 3 months, June, July & August.

Detail summary will be displayed by the School Authorities.