Advice to Parents

1. Parents / Guardians are not allowed to see their children or the teachers during the school hours, without the permission of the Head of the Institution.

2.  When communicating to the school, they should mention clearly the name, standard, division and admission number of the students.

3.  As the efforts of the school authorities in moulding the character of the students will be in vain without the co-operation of the Parents / Guardians, they are requested to see that their children are punctual in attending the school.

4.  The school authorities will not take any responsibility of the students after the school hours.

5. Parents / Guardians are advised not to send their children with precious ornaments to the school. The School authorities will not be responsible for the loss.

6. If a child is required to go home due to unavoidable circumstances earlier than the school closing hours, the parent of the student must personally come to school and take the child home, after obtaining permission from the school authorities and student will be marked absent.
7. Parents, who are wishing to engage a teacher as a private tutor, must obtain prior written permission from the Head of the Institution.

8. Parent are advised not to engage any of our school teachers for taking tuition to their wards.

9. Complaints, if any, should be addressed to the Head of the Institution, with a copy endorsed to the Chairman of the School Committee.  Parents can also drop their complaints in the suggestion box kept in the school premises.

10. Every Parent / Guardinas should sign the calendar in token of having read and agreed to the rules prescribed herein.
11. Usage of mobile phone by the students in the school premises is strictly banned.

12. Two Wheeler driving by any underage child (under 18 years) is banned as be Government Rules. The school authorities and the Management will be pro-active in complaining to the RTO authorities.